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How to avoid being poisoned

How we poison ourselves

(Alcohol; household, work and environmental poisons; liver disease)

Many of us consume poison several times a week. You may not realise it, but alcohol is a strong enough poison to kill cats and dogs even in relatively small amounts (so keep your pets away from your booze).

The human body is able to handle a modest amount of alcohol, breaking it down eventually into harmless chemicals. But many people find drinking alcohol so pleasurable that they overwhelm their system with it.

Over time this can

And drinking during pregnancy can harm the unborn child.

There is no need for most people to give up alcohol completely. In fact, small amounts give a little protection against heart disease. But it’s worth taking the following Government guidelines on alcohol seriously.

Some of the things you can do

Keep your alcohol consumption well within the guidelines.

(Remember these are maximum amounts. Binge drinking is potentially damaging.)

A unit is 10 millilitres of alcohol, which is roughly equivalent to half a pint of 4 per cent lager, a medium (125 ml) glass of wine, or a measure of spirits.

Everyone should have at least one or two days a week free from alcohol.

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