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Regular exercise does wonders for your health

Keep active every day

(The amazing benefits of physical activity)

You may be surprised what regular physical activity can do for you. Helping you maintain a healthy weight is only a small fraction of the benefits it brings. That’s because it has a subtle effect on many processes going on in your body.

Regular activity has been shown to reduce your risk of

It also helps if you suffer from any of these conditions, plus others such as depression. And it leaves most people feeling better both physically and mentally.

This might seem almost magical. But humans evolved as an active species and many of our body processes work best when we are active.

Like dogs, we need to be exercised every day!

But you don't need to join a gym!

Physical activity doesn’t mean having to buy stretch clothing and running shoes. All types of physical activity count. Take the stairs rather than use the lift or escalator, walk whenever you can instead of getting in your car, run around with your kids rather than just watch them, spend time gardening or on active housework, have more sex, take up new a sport or activity...

Finding time in a busy day is not really as difficult as some people like to think.

And remember that some of the busiest people in the world (including many busy mothers!) find regular times for physical activity.

Some of the things you can do

Try to do as much as you can every day.

Conversely, aim to limit the time you spend sitting still. Even a small amount of activity is better than none.

It is better for you and safer to spread the exercise out over the whole week, rather than do it all at weekends.

Where possible, try to do enough to keep yourself sweating and slightly out of breath for at least ten minutes at a time.

Have a look at our activity check page, which lists plenty of activities and will give you an idea of what to aim for.

What the book covers

The book explains a lot more about the benefits of physical activity and its effects on our bodies. It covers

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