How to Live to 110, a guide for all ages on how to stay healthy and live a long life.

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How to protect your eyesight, hearing, bones etc

How we let our sight, hearing, bones and joints decline

(Protecting your sight, hearing, bones, muscles, joints and more)

If you are going to have a healthy and enjoyable old age, you’ll want good mobility as well as good eyesight and hearing. This means looking after yourself all through your life.

Some of the things you can do

Protect your eyes from damage by using sunglasses designed to cut out UV light.

Protect your hearing, which can be damaged irreparably by even a single very loud noise, or by repeated exposure to loud noises (including loud music or machinery).

Keep your joints working well through regular activity. It is not true that exercise wears down joints and causes arthritis – the process is more complex.

Keep muscles strong and flexible. This will be of great value when you are old, protecting joints and helping to prevent falls.

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How to Live to 110: Longevity, living longer and the steps to take for a healthy old age