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Protect yourself from accidents through a little forward planning

How we put ourselves in unnecessary danger

(Avoiding accidents)

Many serious accidents could have been avoided with a little forethought and attention.

Think about steeplejacks - the builders who repair very tall buildings. They rarely have accidents even though they work at seemingly dangerous heights. In contrast, it is quite common for builders and other workers to fall from much lower heights.

Why? It's because the steeplejacks are aware of the dangers they face and plan carefully to minimise the risk. They then stick to their plans. That is the best way to avoid accidents.

At work, at home and on the road

Accidents at work can be the result of a lack of attention or not following procedures, or when people cut corners. Many happen towards the end of the day as people rush to finish jobs in time for going home.

A high proportion of accidents in the home are related to falls - by the young and the old - sometimes from just a few steps. A little thought and attention to possible dangers around the house could reduce significantly the risk of death or injury.

Motor accidents have been considerably reduced in recent years by driver education and better roads. However, major causes of road accidents include loss of attention through doing other things while driving, and falling asleep. Motor cyclists are vulnerable because of their lack of protection if something goes wrong. Speed adds to their risk. Not being visible enough is a major risk for cyclists.

Some of the things you can do

A few minutes thought and planning can make a huge difference. What are the risks around your home and garden? At work? In your leisure activities?

Follow safety procedures, even when in a rush.

Drive sensibly and with full attention.

What the book covers

The book discusses a wide range of common dangers

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